Welcome to Abat-Center LLC!

Abat-Center LLC is a federal distributor and an official representative office of Chuvashtorgtechnika factory in Moscow.

Our company is engaged in wholesale, export, dealer contracts. We are an official supplier of spare parts for all products under Abat brand.

For further information feel free to contact us:

Telephone: +7 (499) 270 07 26
Е-mail: com@abatmsk.ru
ICQ: 305724525

About Chuvashtorgtechnika

Chuvashtorgtechnika has been a leading factory in Russia for more than 50 years and counting. We produce a wide range of high quality catering equipment under the Abat trademark. Our equipment is used almost in every restaurant, cafe, school, military unit or any other dining facility in Russia as well as in many European countries and Middle East. Chuvashtorgtechnika produces:

  • steam convection ovens (combi steamers),
  • hood-type dishwashers,
  • electric and gas ranges,
  • baking ovens,
  • indirect boiling pans,
  • tilting bratt pans,
  • self-service modular systems,
  • cooking hoods,
  • cold serving tables,
  • work tables,
  • sinks,
  • pizza stoves,
  • refrigerators,
  • supplementary equipment, etc...

All equipment is produced on the basis of European quality standards and modern design. Chuvashtorgtechnika is a certified producer.

Chuvashtorgtechnika's production facilities consist of high-precision metal-working machinery produced by Mazak (Japan), Codatto (Italy), Chemsa (Italy), Sillem (Italy), Messer (Germany), Salvagnini (Italy), Finn Power (Finland), Amada (Japan) allowing the factory to produce a top quality products. Chuvashtorgtechnika never sleeps! We continuously expand the range and the quality of our products.

For more information about the factory, product details and recent news in English you may visit an official web site of Chuvashtorgtechnika in Cheboksary.